Game developed for 4 Hour Jam 2021.

Play as a gothic cat, kill as many rats as possible from their castle using your machine gun, without failing to your death.

Keyboard Control:

Toggle FireA
Move / Fire Direction
Arrow Key
Start / Reset

Install instructions

After extracted the downloaded .zip file, copy everything from the Rat Buster folder to the home directory of GameShell, set executable permission to file "~/games/rat_buster/rat_buster.bin" and "~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Rat". Select Reload UI from the main menu, the Rat Buster should show up in the Clockwork OS Launcher.

Clockwork OS v0.5 or higher is required.


Rat Buster for GameShell 14 MB
Version 5 Jun 06, 2021

Development log

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