Game developed for 4 Hour Jam 2021.

Play as a gothic cat, kill as many rats as possible from their castle using your machine gun, without failing to your death.

Keyboard Control:

Toggle FireA
Move / Fire Direction
Arrow Key
Start / Reset


Rat Buster for GameShell 14 MB
Version 5 Jun 06, 2021

Install instructions

After extracted the downloaded .zip file, copy everything from the Rat Buster folder to the home directory of GameShell, set executable permission to file "~/games/rat_buster/rat_buster.bin" and "~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Rat". Select Reload UI from the main menu, the Rat Buster should show up in the Clockwork OS Launcher.

Clockwork OS v0.5 or higher is required.

Development log

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