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Hello, everyone. I would just like to make a quick post about the final act of The Masterpiece, as I'm not sure we've made it clear enough that there are, in fact, multiple endings. There will be spoilers below, so I suggest playing through the game first before reading the rest of this post. 

There are three endings in total, with each representing a different character. Only the choices made in the final scene (before the epilogues) affect which ending you're locked into. Each set of choices follow the same principle: one that agrees with Mallory's point of view, one that agrees with Lei's point of view, and one that is more neutral and calm. If you choose Mallory's or Lei's answers three times, you are locked into their respective endings, both of which are considered bad endings. To reach the neutral / true ending, you just have to avoid locking yourself in either bad end. There's also some additional dialogue in the true ending and Mallory's ending if Iris leaves the bus with the paper in the first act. 

That's all! We thank you for playing our game!

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