ClockworkPi GameShell Port Released

Hi all, a ClockworkPi GameShell port version of The Masterpiece just released, you can download The Masterpiece GS for GameShell on the game page and follow the install instruction here:

After extracted the downloaded .gz file, copy everything from the The Masterpiece GS folder to the home directory of GameShell, set executable permission to file "~/tmgs/the_masterpiece_gs.bin" and "~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/The". Select Reload UI from the main menu, the The Masterpiece should show up in the Clockwork OS Launcher.

Clockwork OS v0.5 or higher is required.


The Masterpiece GS for GameShell 72 MB
Jun 04, 2021

Get The Masterpiece


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one of the few games i managed to get running on my GS, and it's a good port! one recommendation i have is to add some sort of settings to allow for the buttons to be used in the nintendo layout